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It's Time to Own Your Lead Generation

Take advantage of automated systems to put it on autopilot - nurture your paid & organic traffic, pre-qualify leads, and have them ready to buy before they even reach you.

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Imagine, with the flip of a switch you could...

Eliminate cold calling & emails

Let your business work while you sleep

Close deals even faster

Provide seamless customer service

The First-Time Bot Buyer Jumpstart for Real Estate Agents


Our Jumpstart is a complete plug & play system for you to be up and running with your own Facebook Messenger Bot. 

Having worked extensively with real estate agents and other lead based industry providers, we’ve compiled what have been the most effective strategies and campaigns proven to pre-qualify leads for you, warm up cold leads, and weed out the ones that are going to waste your time.

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Our Proven Campaigns

Pre-Qualify Buyers

Excite Sellers

Showcase Listings

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Agents and Service Providers That Have Worked with Our Dream Team

“The ability to adapt in an ever changing advertising market leads to long term success” Vince and his team are the real...

Posted by Nick Drozd on Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Vince De Benedetto truly walks his talk and is an astute, detail-oriented business person in every sense of the word. He...

Posted by Ben Reebs on Wednesday, March 27, 2019

My experience with Automated Dreams has been first class. Vince and his team created the precise sales automation funnel...

Posted by Jim Van Wyck on Thursday, August 23, 2018

Vince and the whole team are absolutely top notch. Very easy to work with, they meet deadlines (and we gave them a...

Posted by Sarah Allen on Monday, February 11, 2019

Special Soft-Launch Rate

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Founder's Rate


One-time investment for lifetime access

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  • Upgrades & New Feature Releases
  • Membership Portal
  • Ongoing Masterminds
  • Collaborative Private Community
  • Zapier Integration Library NEW
  • Custom Implementation $1,497 FREE

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+ $79 per month

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the other jumpstart-like kits out there are slapped together templates that donʼt speak with one another causing those that interact with the bot to have a fragmented experience. And most of these products are a one and done flat fee where they are not actively updating or developing new campaigns and strategies for you to keep your bot fresh and engaging.

With The First-Time Bot Jumpstart for Real Estate Agents, our team is actively updating our campaigns to stay in alignment with Facebook TOS, new strategies from A/B split testing, and are always developing new campaigns to renovate and add on to your bot.

With 1.3 billion active users on Facebook Messenger your customers are out there using Facebook Messenger. Sure there are always a few that may not have it, but so is the case for all other forms of communication. Within the first couple weeks of having this active in your business and seeing the downpour of qualified leads it brings knocking to your door, youʼll realize itʼs not even an issue.


If you install this system even just in places where you are receiving organic traffic, you're guaranteed to see a lower bounce rate of traffic, and more coming into this system. The resources in your membership portal will show you how you can place your bot in various places that your brand currently has a presence to capture the attention of existing traffic thatʼs been slipping through the cracks. However, in order to truly drive traffic you should implement paid traffic campaigns to lead people into a conversation with your bot. From time to time our monthly calls will feature experts in the Paid Advertising industry where you and your team can spice up those strategies to bring in even more traffic at lower costs.

This Jumpstart requires that you have a PRO plan of ManyChat. ManyChat is a third party tool that allows you to build on the Facebook Messenger Platform and is an open tool to integrate with the rest of your tech stack and software through Zapier. All of our clients at Automated Dreams came to us for help with their CRM, Email Marketing, SMS, or all of the above and weʼve used Facebook Messenger as an extension of their customer journey.

All that to say, yes, this tool is meant to integrate with all of your other tools. We even encourage it! The most successful businesses make sure that all of their tools are talking to one another. And yes, this is something we will cover more in your membership portal, monthly Q&As, and are working on developing a feature where you can request we build the integration for you.

You donʼt need to be! Just like building a house, you can either build it yourself or hire a contractor to do it all for you. With The First-Time Bot Jumpstart for Real Estate Agents think of it as us coming in to lay the foundation, build the structure, lay the roof, and put up the walls. All you have to do is come in and decorate and make the place your own. The growing library of videos within the membership portal will have tips on how you can make it your own, and how to build on top of it.

And if you canʼt “decorate,” and would rather have someone come in and do all of it for you, we can do that for you too! We offer custom builds and management for real estate agents.

Absolutely not!

You will never be charged again for all of the features and tools that you get access to with Founder's Rate, you're grandfathererd in at THE BEST rate it'll ever be offered at. There may be add-ons that are released later that are not part of the Bot Jumpstart avaiable for purchase, but we will never take away features from you and ask you to pay a membership fee.

100%, yes!

The Bot Jumpstart is fully built and ready to go, however, you have full control over ever inch of the system, and can customize the wording, routing of leads, images, and so much more. You can build on it, or take some things away In the Membership Portal there will be use-cases released on an ongoing basis letting you know how to optimize and enhance in ways that you've not thought of.

Still have questions?

Reach out to our team in the chat box on the bottom right of this page, or email us at [email protected]



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