2020 Real Estate Trends: The Year of the Millennial Buyer – Are You Ready?


Millennials aren’t just dominating 2020’s planned marketing strategy for selling electronic devices and Uber rides. Real estate agents, too, can find fruitful ground in millennials’ pockets, according to predicted 2020 real estate trends.

How can you get ready to market your properties to this growing market? Start with research. In today’s data-driven world, marketing giant David Ogilvy’s advice is even more potent today than when he first wrote it: “Advertising people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals.”


Millennial Homebuyers by the Numbers

According to® research, millennials are snapping up homes—more than any other generation. As they mature and earn even higher salaries, that number should only increase.

In fact, forecasts predict that during the next decade, millennials will purchase nearly 10 million homes. When you add those new buyers to the...

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Top 5 Ways Chatbots Can Help You Crush Your Real Estate Goals

marketing automation Jul 24, 2019

Chatbots—those sophisticated computer programs that mimic human conversation—are sweeping the business world as more and more companies put them to work. For busy real estate agents, chatbots can transform the way they do business.

From generating more leads to 24/7 availability, chatbots can help you crush your real estate goals. Here’s how...



Chatbots Can Handle a Huge Volume of Real Estate Inquiries Simultaneously

If you’ve ever wasted a ton of time answering routine questions for prospects that end up not even qualified to do business with you, a chatbot can eliminate those hassles.

As ForbesKenny Tripura points out, unlike you or your assistant, chatbots can answer a large number of customers’ routine inquiries simultaneously, freeing up your time to spend with qualified prospects.

In fact, your chatbot can even help to qualify prospects through their interactions during inquiries. That feature is a game-changer in...

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How to Get Home Buyers to Come to You Pre-Qualified (Without Ever Even Speaking to Them)

In today’s competitive housing market, getting pre-qualified is all but mandatory in order for prospective buyers to be taken seriously. It’s a requirement in order to put in an offer on a house, and in some cases it is required even just to schedule a viewing for a home.

In fact, some real estate agents will go as far as refusing to deal with buyers who haven’t yet gone through the pre-qualification process. The demands on their time are simply too great otherwise.

Yet despite this, the vast majority of first-time home buyers aren’t even familiar with the pre-qualification process, much less coming prepared with a pre-qualification letter in hand when looking to view homes or make an offer. The net result is that real estate agents end up spending a significant amount of time speaking with prospective home buyers that aren’t familiar with the pre-qualification process, routing them to the same place time and again instead of being able to...

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Zillow is Now Buying & Selling Homes; 3 Easy Ways to Generate Your Own Leads

marketing automation May 06, 2019

Automate Your Way to Your Next Real Estate Sale

The life of a real estate agent isn't easy. Most rely on commissions to make a living, and when times are slow, it can be a struggle. Factor in the new wave of websites, like Zillow & Redfin, buying & selling homes without a real estate agent and the market for traditional agents is getting smaller.

Zillow Instant Offers is buying houses from sellers who are looking to get quick cash. Visit Zillow Instant Offers & fill out a simple survey about your house, and they will get back to you with a cash offer (usually within 2-3 days). The idea came from Zillow's number one competitor in the online housing market, Redfin Now. Redfin has been testing the waters on online home buying since 2017.

Online Home Buying Sites Are Disrupting Real Estate SALES

These online home buyers are becoming a threat to traditional home buying methods. They promise quick turnaround time to the seller, and most of the transaction...

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