Zillow is Now Buying & Selling Homes; 3 Easy Ways to Generate Your Own Leads

marketing automation May 06, 2019

Automate Your Way to Your Next Real Estate Sale

The life of a real estate agent isn't easy. Most rely on commissions to make a living, and when times are slow, it can be a struggle. Factor in the new wave of websites, like Zillow & Redfin, buying & selling homes without a real estate agent and the market for traditional agents is getting smaller.

Zillow Instant Offers is buying houses from sellers who are looking to get quick cash. Visit Zillow Instant Offers & fill out a simple survey about your house, and they will get back to you with a cash offer (usually within 2-3 days). The idea came from Zillow's number one competitor in the online housing market, Redfin Now. Redfin has been testing the waters on online home buying since 2017.

Online Home Buying Sites Are Disrupting Real Estate SALES

These online home buyers are becoming a threat to traditional home buying methods. They promise quick turnaround time to the seller, and most of the transaction is taken care of online. The process is simple and efficient, giving sellers a reason to look to these online home buyers instead of going to their local agent.


But this may not always be the best deal for the seller. Many times Zillow and Redfin will offer a lower price to the seller. What the seller gets in convenience, they lose in profit from the sale.

Agents have always relied on traditional home sales to make a living, and with online buyers shaking up the market, they are looking for new ways to generate leads and stay ahead of the competition. With a little help from some automation and a little knowledge about internet marketing, an agent can get a jump start on the new reality that is rapidly approaching the real estate market.


1. Google Ads

Also known in the industry as Adwords, Google Ads has been a premier form of online advertising for the past 15 years. It's a paid advertising platform where the advertiser pays for each click on the ad (pay-per-click or PPC) or per impression (CPM). The concept is simple, create a good ad, generate clicks, and obtain new leads for your real estate agency.

The platform can be hard to use if you haven't used it before, though the initial setup of your ad is quick and easy. Once you log in, you can simply click "Start Now" and you'll be walked through how to set up an ad. But to truly optimize the ad, other steps must be followed once the ad is submitted for review, like linking Google Analytics or adding UTC codes. Google Ads are effective when done right, and can bring in some great leads.


2. Social Media

Facebook is always a great place to turn to for leads. First, create a business Facebook page for your business (if you don't already have one) and invite all your friends to like your page. You can now start advertising in three different ways:

  • Organic traffic (this is free) comes to your page by sharing posts with family and friends. Make your posts informative, allowing your audience to learn about real estate along the way. Your network will share with their friends, who will share with their friends, on down the line. This is the slowest method, but very powerful once you have a large enough following.

  • Facebook paid ads are an inexpensive and easy way to advertise. First, create a post. It should include a call to action - something that will make your audience want to reach out to you, and be informative. If you give your audience information for free, they are more apt to click on your ad. After creating the post, you can click "Boost Post" and Facebook will walk you through the process of creating the ad.

  • The third method of social media marketing is called Messenger Marketing. Automated messaging is becoming more and more popular - according to Forbes, more than 80% of businesses will be using chatbots by 2020.



Messenger Marketing automation apps, like ManyChat, can be customized to fit your business needs and target market. Having a real estate messenger marketing app can bring in new leads that you never before had access to.


3. Search Engine Optimization

Having your website optimized is crucial to people finding you on the internet. A few key strategies that can help your real estate agency stand out, like making sure you have added your agency to Google Businesses and using specific keywords on your site. Having quality content, like a blog, on your site will also help Google rank your agency toward the top.

Once you get your primary landing page optimized, you can match the copy to your Google Ad, reducing your paid search costs. Your website will show up on a Google search, as well as the ad, and your audience will click on your website instead of the ad, saving you money.


Keywords are crucial for every stage of marketing your real estate agency. There will be some keywords that are easy to pick out, such as:

  • The words “real estate”

  • “Home for sale”

  • The name of your business

Others can be more difficult to think through, and you may feel like you aren’t sure where to begin. If you don't have the crucial real estate keywords, your Google Ad, your SEO work, and your social media ads will mean nothing. Without these words to place in your ads and on your website, you do not have a marketing campaign.

The wrong keywords are one of the biggest failures in digital marketing today.

Fortunately, resources are available that can help you with your keyword search, like this digital resource available now for free.



About Automated Dreams

The Dream Team works with growing businesses to enhance their internet marketing by implementing automated solutions that can help ease growing pains. As internet marketing gurus, and tech junkies, it made sense that the time would come when they would create a product of their own. That product is a marketing tool created for real estate agents, with the help of agents - The Real Estate Bot.

Automated Dreams spent the past few years working with real estate agents and other industry providers, developing a product that is proven to pre-qualify leads, warm up cold leads, and weed out leads that will waste your time. It's the one product that can truly help you, as an agent, market your business.

Located in Portland, OR, Automated Dreams is ready to help you make your dreams come true!


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