Top 5 Ways Chatbots Can Help You Crush Your Real Estate Goals

marketing automation Jul 24, 2019

Chatbots—those sophisticated computer programs that mimic human conversation—are sweeping the business world as more and more companies put them to work. For busy real estate agents, chatbots can transform the way they do business.

From generating more leads to 24/7 availability, chatbots can help you crush your real estate goals. Here’s how...



Chatbots Can Handle a Huge Volume of Real Estate Inquiries Simultaneously

If you’ve ever wasted a ton of time answering routine questions for prospects that end up not even qualified to do business with you, a chatbot can eliminate those hassles.

As ForbesKenny Tripura points out, unlike you or your assistant, chatbots can answer a large number of customers’ routine inquiries simultaneously, freeing up your time to spend with qualified prospects.

In fact, your chatbot can even help to qualify prospects through their interactions during inquiries. That feature is a game-changer in the real estate business, in which seeing more qualified prospects always translates to more sales.



Chatbots Work 24/7

Most people search real estate listings online during their free time, rather than during working hours. In the real estate business, that situation means that prospective customers must use a third-party website’s contact form or look up the agent’s phone number and leave a message for the agent.

  • For property buyers: With a chatbot, however, prospective real estate buyers can connect to you immediately—even as they search. Since real estate chatbots work through Facebook Messenger, prospects won’t have to leave the listing webpage. They can get more information right away, allowing them to see if your listing is a good fit for their needs.
  • For property sellers: Sellers—or those only thinking about selling—can have answers to many of their questions immediately. By the time you reach out to them personally, you’ll have a lot of information already, saving time and making it easier to provide better service.



Bots Bring in More Leads

When you install a chatbot onto your blog, your social media, or your other online channels, you’ll find that your bounce rate will drop. Since the chatbot offers them the opportunity to chat even as they browse through your listings and other posts piques prospects’ curiosity—so they stay longer.

You can even boost your chances to capture even more qualified leads when you combine your bot’s services with paid traffic campaigns. Designed to appeal to your target customers, these campaigns encourage prospects to strike up a conversation with your chatbot about their needs.



Bots Can Offer Property Viewings and Follow up Afterwards

During the conversation, your chatbot can provide your buyer prospects with 360-degree virtual tours of each property. If the prospect wants to see the property in person, he or she can schedule a property tour right from the app without having to call the office, email you, or any other time-consuming tasks.

If the prospect wants to see more properties, the bot can screen the MLS listings for properties that meet the buyers’ criteria so that they never have to leave your chatbot platform. The longer you have them engaged in your digital territory, the more likely they are to do business with you.

During the conversation, your bot can gather information that you can use to follow up with your prospect. Since the chatbot integrates with your automated email provider, you can easily automate your follow-up process with emails.



Real Estate Bots Leverage the Power of Facebook for Maximum Reach

Statistics show that an overwhelming majority of people under 65 use Facebook Messenger. Unless you’re marketing properties only to retirees, Facebook Messenger is where most working Americans connect.

In fact, 45 percent of seniors, too, use Facebook Messenger—so having a bot based on that platform is a huge advantage. That’s why—typically—most real estate chatbots use the Messenger platform to reach prospects.

With the Messenger platform, you’ll have a log of conversations your bot has with potential customers. When you meet each prospect in person, you can use the information in the logs to tailor your conversation to each prospect’s needs.

The other advantage a Facebook-based real estate chatbot offers is even more compelling. Not only will you have more traffic, but you can also analyze that traffic to narrow down your target market. That strategy allows you to create highly personalized campaigns that reach more qualified prospects.



You owe it to yourself to use the power of today’s technology to transform your real estate business into a revenue-churning machine.

To discover more advantages you’ll enjoy when you put a real estate chatbot to work for you, get in touch with the chatbot creators at Automated Dreams today.


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