How to Get Home Buyers to Come to You Pre-Qualified (Without Ever Even Speaking to Them)

In today’s competitive housing market, getting pre-qualified is all but mandatory in order for prospective buyers to be taken seriously. It’s a requirement in order to put in an offer on a house, and in some cases it is required even just to schedule a viewing for a home.

In fact, some real estate agents will go as far as refusing to deal with buyers who haven’t yet gone through the pre-qualification process. The demands on their time are simply too great otherwise.

Yet despite this, the vast majority of first-time home buyers aren’t even familiar with the pre-qualification process, much less coming prepared with a pre-qualification letter in hand when looking to view homes or make an offer. The net result is that real estate agents end up spending a significant amount of time speaking with prospective home buyers that aren’t familiar with the pre-qualification process, routing them to the same place time and again instead of being able to...

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