2020 Real Estate Trends: The Year of the Millennial Buyer – Are You Ready?


Millennials aren’t just dominating 2020’s planned marketing strategy for selling electronic devices and Uber rides. Real estate agents, too, can find fruitful ground in millennials’ pockets, according to predicted 2020 real estate trends.

How can you get ready to market your properties to this growing market? Start with research. In today’s data-driven world, marketing giant David Ogilvy’s advice is even more potent today than when he first wrote it: “Advertising people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals.”


Millennial Homebuyers by the Numbers

According to® research, millennials are snapping up homes—more than any other generation. As they mature and earn even higher salaries, that number should only increase.

In fact, forecasts predict that during the next decade, millennials will purchase nearly 10 million homes. When you add those new buyers to the...

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